Try Our Grass-Fed Beef in Williamsburg & Iowa City, IA

Local Food You'll Write Home About

When you turn to a local butcher for our beef raised on lush green pastures and finished on Iowa grains or pasture-raised pork, you can be sure of two things. Firstly, you can guarantee the quality of your meat. Secondly, you can see the treatment of the animals for yourself. At Montross Cattle Farm in the Williamsburg & Iowa City, IA area, our animals flourish in their natural habitat. Our pigs range unconfined, forage and get lots of sun, food and fun. With happier pigs, we're able to provide better meat.

Call 319-430-5243 now to order pasture-raised pork.

Healthy cows better serve healthy people

Our calves are raised on lush green pastures for 10 months, then finished on Iowa grains. The results of this are better marbling and flavor. They're never:

  • Fed with GMOs
  • Injected with growth hormones
  • Grazed on land with pesticides
Not only does their grass-based feeding lead to happier, healthier animals, but it also results in high-quality beef that will blow you away. Additionally, we dry age our beef for 21 days to pack it with flavor and nutrition. Email us now if you're interested in our beef products.